At Rachael Lovette we embrace diversity and representation, inclusivity and industry change makers. We aim to provide a safe, fair and unbiased space for the talent we represent and encourage them to their true selves. If you are interested in modeling or being represented by Rachael Lovette in the fashion industry, we encourage you to review the submission requirements below. 

All applicants must be 18 years old or have written parental consent for consideration.


  • Women: 5’3”+

  • Men: 5’8”+


  • Wear light natural makeup, or clean face

  • Background should be plain in a shaded daylight setting

  • Clothing should be form fitting so we can see your body shape

  • No large accessories such as hoop earrings or bracelets as they may be distracting.

  • Professional photos are not required or preferred

  • Smartphone photos are acceptable with no filter

  • Include measurements (Females: bust, waist, hips, etc.  Males: Inseam, neck, chest, etc.)


  • Full Length

  • Full Length Profile

  • Portrait Length

  • Close Up (hair pulled back)

  • Close Up Profile (hair pulled back)

  • Personality Photo (smiles are ok here)

You can submit images via email to: Our team will review all submissions and will respond within two weeks if they are interested. Please include images and statistics outlined above. 

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